Israeli startup theGist raises $7 million to increase workplace productivity using ge

Israeli startup theGist has raised $7 million in pre-seed funding, co-led by StageOne Ventures and Aleph. The company was founded in 2022 by Itay Dressler, Itzik Ben-Bassat, and Nir Zohar and is developing smart AI and machine learning tools to enhance the employee experience by focusing on simplifying the content of internal data and communications.

The company has offices in Tel Aviv and New York and currently employs 10 people. Ben-Bassat (CEO) was previously involved in founding and growing companies of the likes of Blizzard, OpenWeb and Wix, Dressler (CTO) is the former VP of Engineering at OpenWeb, Co-founder and CTO at Salaryo, and VP R&D at Gong , while Zohar is the COO and President of Wix.

With the growth in the number of vertical tools and services, information overload has become a growing challenge in the workplace. Fragmented discussions take place between multiple apps. Sifting through information for important points becomes akin to searching for a needle in the haystack, especially when one doesn’t know exactly what they are searching for. This has led to a lack of alignment, due to too much information, poor quality of information, and irrelevant information that is collectively clogging multiple channels.

Using generative AI technology, theGist’s first solution, theGist for Slack, creates alignment by scanning through hundreds of posts to instantly provide personalized summaries of valuable insights and highlights. The solution, which is the start of the company’s greater vision, facilitates a more precise reading experience for team members, by removing the bombardment that is brought on by excess interactions. In turn, the summaries provided by theGist positively impact the productivity and performance of team members, by supporting their ability to grasp the insights needed to make timely decisions.

“Imagine reading a summary you wrote for yourself. theGist makes it effortless to grasp the essence of work-related data, by making it short and personalized with just one click,” said Itay Dressler, Co-Founder and CTO of theGist. “The workforce is in the midst of many changes, and communication is at the forefront.”


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