All 4 Tattoos Pete Davidson Had Removed Of Kim Kardashian

Believe it or not, it’s been a little over five months since the First Couple of the United States of America broke up.

Yes, they were only together for nine months, but Jesus was them everywhere during that time.

Even though they were together for like 200 days, that was plenty of time for Pete to get four Kim-related tattoos.

And now, because Pete went on some beach vacation and took his shirt off, we can see that all of those tattoos are gone.

Because I know you’re clamoring for more Kete content, here’s the tattoos that he used to have that are no more.

The first is the infamous “my girl is a lawyer” tattoo that was on Pete’s clavicle.

Poof! Vamoose! It’s gone.

Then there’s the not creepy at all tattoo dedicated to Kim’s children.

The “KNSCP” tattoo apparently stood for “Kim, North, Saint, Chicago, Psalm.”

That appears to have vanished.

Then there’s the “Aladdin + Jasmine” tattoo that Pete got after they played Aladdin and Jasmine on SNL.

Here’s what that tattoo looked like:

And lastly, Pete used to have just a simple “Kim” on his chest.

So yeah, that’s a whole lot of effort for a NINE-MONTH RELATIONSHIP.

I guess he’s just a passionate guy. :/

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