Gymnast Olivia Dunne speaks out about dangerous social media interactions with stalkers

Louisiana State University gymnast and influencer Olivia Dunne just appeared on The Today Show to speak up about an uncomfortable incident she had with one of her social media followers. Young athletes who become overnight sensations don’t get the memo of how to handle overwhelming fame. There are many times in which it gets to them and it can cause several mental health issues. Olivia Dunne already got to 3+ million Instagram followers simply by appearing on national television during an LSU game. Amongst her achievements, she is already one of the young college athletes who earns the most money due to various endorsements.

During The Today Show, Dunne explained how someone stepped over the line and the police had to get involved. This is what she said: “As a woman, you are not responsible for how a man looks at you and objectifies you. That’s not a woman’s responsibility. There are some people, occasionally that do reach out and it is a bit concerning. In the past I have had some of my supporters come out to the meets and watch and cheer for LSU, but that was insane. It really was. They gave us some new rules for us athletes just to keep us safe, to not go into the stands after meets, and we have a new security person that travels with us.”

What happened to Olivia Dunne with a social media follower?

The incident took place last year but Olivia Dunne is just speaking up about it due to the backlash she’s been getting from her social media posts. She has been heavily criticized for posting images and videos in which she wears lingerie and other suggestive outfits. Dunne defends her right to defend her freedom of expression, which is done through her personal social media platforms. This topic has certainly opened up a debate in the United States of America between liberals and conservatives. Dunne’s testimony paints a perfect picture of what happened to her.


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