Interesting Celebrity Graves


Bob Ross’ grave, which features a nice portrait of him as well as the words “Television Artist.”


Princess Diana’s grave, which rests on an island on the historic Althorp estate, where she grew up.


Merv Griffin’s grave, which features the line, “I will NOT be right back after this message.” For those who don’t know, Griffin created iconic TV game shows like Jeopardy spirit Wheel of Fortune.


Mel Blanc’s grave, which says, “That’s all folks.” Blanc was best known for voicing Bugs Bunny and tons of other iconic Looney Tunes characters.


Corey Haim’s grave, which features the nickname “Haimster,” which BFF Corey Feldman (aka “Feldog”) often called him.


Billy Wilder’s grave, which says, “I’m a writer, but then nobody’s perfect,” a reference to the famous line at the end of his film Some Like It Hot.


Jimi Hendrix’s grave, which features a magnificent portrait and temple-like structure for the musician.


The graves of Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee, which are right next to each other.


The grave of actor Jack Lemmon, which features the simple joke, “Jack Lemmon in…”


The grave of the Doors front man Jim Morrison, which has become something of a pilgrimage site.


The grave of Hollywood legend Bette Davis, which says, “She did it the hard way.”


The grave of Marilyn Monroe, which fans flock to and leave gifts for (like these coins) all the time.


Chris Cornell’s grave, which is adorned with lovely succulents and features the text, “Voice of our generation, and an artist for all time.”


Johnny Ramone’s grave, which features an impressive sculpture of the musician on top.


The simple grave of Charlie Chaplin, which is shared with his wife, Oona.


And finally, the grave of Elvis Presley, which features his famous “TCB” (taking care of business) lightning bolt logo at the bottom.

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