God of War Ragnarok Concept Art Images Give Us a Look at Early Designs for Thor, Odin and Other Characters

New concept art uncovered from the official God of War Ragnarok digital artbook has surfaced, giving us a look at some of the behind the scenes early concept art for the game, and it shows us the designs of some characters that were being considered by the studio before us. see their final version in the game.

NOTE: This post contains some spoilers. They’re minor, as most of these characters are revealed within the game’s early hours. In case, though, we have marked the specific section below where the spoilers are.

Down below, you’ll find a collection of character images taken from the digital artbook that showcases early designs for some of the characters you’ll see during your journey into God of War Ragnarok.


For the most part, Thor remained the same, except having more defined muscles and a “bed hair” hairstyle in his early designs.


Odin’s early designs are interesting as they depict him as having plenty of muscles, almost as if he’s ready for war, versus the tamed and reasonable person we got in the game. Santa Monica even did a concept for a much younger version of him.


There isn’t a lot that seems to have changed with Atreus, although there is a concept of him being younger, if not closer to his God of War 2018 counterpart.


Thrud went through a few different iterations before the team decided on her final look. In one, she looks closer to her mother, Sif, with straight blonde hair. While in another, she looks like a mix between Thor and Sif.


Oddly enough, the digital artbook only features some characters in the game. We’re sure there is more concept art yet to be released, but luckily in one piece for Vanaheim, we get a small glimpse at Heimdall. He looks the same, except he’s bald.

Here’s a zoomed-in version.

Unknown Character

We speculate that this character is an early version of Angrboda’s grandmother, Gryla, because it is in Jotunheim. She’s the only character we know of collecting animals in that realm. However, the figure in this image does appear to have tusks, so we aren’t entirely sure it’s her.

Pretty neat seeing these if we say so ourselves. Do you prefer any of the concept art designs from the final versions we got in the game? Let us know down below in the comments.

God of War Ragnarok is now available for purchase for both the PS4 and PS5. In case you haven’t already, be sure to read our full God of War Ragnarok review!

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