Google honors wishes of young Uvalde victim who wanted to make the world happy with her art

In the days following the May 24 tragedy at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, the nation came to know the 21 lives that the teachers and young students lived before they became victims of one of the deadliest mass shootings in US history.

Before she was killed, Alithia submitted a drawing for the Doodle for Google national search. The application process opened in January and closed in March.

The Google competition challenged young artists to create a design for its Google Doodle, which greets internet users when they visit the search engine with a query. A panel of judges including Selena Gomez, Elyse Fox, and Juliana Urtubey were tapped to pick the winners.

The 10-year-old’s parents told reporters soon after the shooting that the 4th grader had submitted a drawing for the contest.

Father Ryan Ramirez showed the drawings his daughter Alithia Ramirez drew when her best friend died in September.

Photo by Gabriel Romero

Now, as the search narrows down to five finalists who will be decided on Thursday, July 28, Google is holding space for Alithia. A banner at the top of the contest page greets website visitors.

“Doodle for Google honors 2022 contestant Alithia Haven Ramirez and all of the victims of the Uvalde, TX tragedy,” the note reads.

A separate page dedicated to Alithia holds her artwork and photo. Alithia’s submitted sketch is a cozy scene of a girl curled up on a sofa with balls of yarn and her pet. Google is spelled out in a set of framed art hanging on the wall.

The memorial page also includes a quote from the little girl’s entry.

“I want the world to see my art and show the world what I can do, I want people to be happy when they see my passion in art,” she wrote.

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