I’m Obsessed With This Bi Chameleon Art Addressing Biphobia

I’ve already talked about my love for the art that comes out during Pride Month, particularly illustrations that nail how exhausted I am from, well, let me gesture wildly toward the world, I guess. Another piece of relatable art has crossed my timeline, this time with a bisexual chameleon addressing some of the tired assumptions folks make toward the community. Illustrated by an artist who goes by “queeeerchameleon,” their artwork features, quote, “queer af chameleons,” and ranges from cute bits like daydreaming about a cute girlfriend to comics that go into the eye-roll-inducing discourse that comes up all year round (but especially during Pride Month).

The bi chameleon makes some solid points

As a bisexual woman, seeing this comic immediately reminded me of the frustrating situations I’ve dealt with. Back when I came out as a lesbian in 2001, that’s the label I chose because I liked a girl. It never occurred to me that I could be bisexual — even if I’d had a boyfriend and still found boys attractive. That’s because, back then, bisexuality was linked with being confused. It still, arguably, is.

Bisexuality is often treated as the fork in the road until you pick your “real” identity. It’s seen as a placeholder, then when you start dating someone it can feel like you’re supposed to swap your label for a new one. This comic shows that no matter who you’re with, you’re still bi if that’s how you identify. I especially appreciate the last part where there is no other chameleon with our bi little friend. How you identify should not be linked to who you date, but how you feel.

Going through queeeerchameleon’s page shows more comics that resonated with me. This one, for example, makes me want to throw things.

On top of the “just a phase” assumption is the constant excuses made to do anything BUT acknowledge someone as being bi. When the bi chameleon is with the lesbian one, “You just haven’t met the right guy yet.” This was a common thing I was told in college, especially since I’d had a boyfriend in high school. That REALLY made folks think that I hadn’t met “Mr. Right ”and that I was letting our sour relationship color my feelings toward men — even if, being bisexual, meant that I was still attracted to men! The end of the comic is what I really related to. The bi chameleon just looks SO tired after being told that they’d have to “choose eventually.” Like. What do you even SAY at that point?

Not all of the bi comics are “ugh, THIS take again” moments (tag yourself, I’m the “tired of this shit” version of the bi chameleon). Some of them are fun reminders of the best thing about being bi.

Everyone IS hot. It’s amazing. It’s torture. It’s amazing torture.

An entire series of queer chameleons

While I’ve been highlighting some of the bisexual comics I like, queeeerchameleon has an entire page full of relatably gay content. Some of it is really sweet and very encouraging to read.

Some of it will make you let out the deepest of sighs.

And some of it is just cute and hilarious.

I definitely recommend checking out queeeerchameleon’s work. You can check out this link to get access to all of their social media platforms, Patreon, and more! I warn you, though, that it gets a bit too relatable sometimes.

Thanks for calling me out like this.

(Featured image: queeeerchameleon)

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