jingle design completes ‘flow bar & lab’ in shenyang, china

jingle design endows the ‘flow bar & lab’ with futuristic flair

Located in Shenyang, China, the ‘Flow Bar & Lab’ by Jingle Design is a social eatery exuding futuristic accents against a calm, dark, and minimalist backdrop. Upon entering the bar, guests are welcomed by an eye-catching art installation hanging from the ceiling. Shaped as rows of water drops, ‘the artwork demonstrates its beauty in vertical and horizontal order, constituting a symbol of contemporary art ‘, state the architects. Throughout the day, a warm play of light and shadow endow the metallic installation with ever-changing qualities that keep visitors curious and captivated.

elevating the visual experience with atypical layouts

Unlike the open layouts of typical drink counters, the bar here takes on the shape of a hexagon that Jingle Design built using sophisticated craft and distinctive materials. Following the hanging artwork, the diamond-like counter becomes the second most captivating feature at ‘Flow Bar & Lab’, infusing power into the space with its central position. Mixing wood and metal with a solid geometric shape offers a sense of calm and order, allowing guests to enjoy a drink amid the ambient design.

eye-catching waterdrop installation adorns the 'flow bar & lab' in china

Meanwhile, made of wooden materials, all tables and chairs are laid out at the periphery of the space, with water ripples on the floor to gently contrast with the artwork on the ceiling, balancing ‘sharp’ features with softer ones.

Another striking feature of this project is the curved window pane stretched horizontally across one side of the dining area. Pairing its horizontal layout with the curved walls and ceilings softened by natural lighting, guests feel as if they’re floating between inside and outside, expanding their visual experience while maintaining a sense of calm and serenity.

eye-catching waterdrop installation adorns the 'flow bar & lab' in china

flow bar lab 4

eye-catching waterdrop installation adorns the 'flow bar & lab' in china

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