NO WAY HOME Concept Art Reveals An Incredibly Detailed Look At Green Goblin’s Final Costume

Spider-Man: No Way Home – The More Fun Stuff Version swings into theaters next month, and some newly surfaced concept art offers a revealing and undeniably fascinating closer look at the Green Goblin’s suit.

Spider-Man: No Way Home returns to theaters next month with an extended cut (that will include the deleted scenes missing from the Blu-ray), and we now have some new concept art courtesy of Phil Saunders. The Marvel Studios vet was tasked with creating Green Goblin’s final costume, and you can take a much closer look at the designs below.

“The concept went through a number of ideas, from stolen Stark Tech from a raided Damage Control container to parts scavenged off of his own glider.” the artist explains of the changes made to the suit. “Ultimately there just wasn’t enough screen time to show where the upgrades came from, so it’s left to the viewer’s imagination.”

Saunders added that “[Jon Watts] was looking for a mismatched collection of armor pieces that would reflect Osborne’s schizophrenic mania. I skewed the color palette towards purple to reinforce the classic comic book look.”

While we’d have liked the Goblin to have his mask for these scenes, Willem Dafoe’s facial expressions were more than crazy enough to do the comic book villain justice. The actor delivered a powerhouse performance as the returning Norman Osborn, and it was a shame not to see it recognized at any of the major award ceremonies.

“The goal was to take the iconic suit design from the Sam Raimi movie and update it just enough for the MCU without losing the instant read,” Saunders continued. “On top of that, we wanted to find a way to evoke the original comic book silhouette on top of that. My pitch was that May would give him clothes to cover up with including a purple hoodie, which would then get shredded in an explosion to creating this final look.”

“A few strips of fabric used to wrap the damaged armor on the arms and legs, and voila: comic book costume done MCU style. The goggles, [by the way]were meant to have been stolen from Doc Ock.”

We’re not sure if there were any Green Goblin deleted scenes that will make it into the upcoming extended cut Spider-Man: No Way Home, but more Dafoe would be no bad thing. It’s unclear whether the scenes Saunders refers to were actually shot but, if so, fingers crossed they make it in!

Take a closer look at the MCU’s take on the Green Goblin below:




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