rintala eggertsson architects’ hiber space evokes the effortless beauty of nature

the ‘Hiber Space’ by Rintala Eggertsson Architects

Rintala Eggertsson Architects nestles ‘Hiber Space’ installation into the lush of a popular urban park in Logroño, Spain. Exhibited as part of the Concéntrico festival, the structure takes shape as a wooden pavilion made of recycled plywood that almost disappears into its green setting.

Located along the banks of the river Evros, the project invites visitors to contemplate, relax and appreciate the everyday beauty of nature that is often taken for granted. The flow of the river evokes the passing of time that entails the choices we are called upon to make day by day and the impact they have on the surroundings.

all images by Josema Cutillas, unless stated otherwise

video ©designboom, video shoots by Blanco en Botella

observing the ‘simple reality that surrounds us’

The ‘Hiber Space’ by Rintala Eggertsson Architects (see more here) is a gathering space that reminds visitors of the effortless beauty hidden in simple everyday things. The flow of the river reflects the time that flies, and visitors are invited to observe this serene setting and enjoy the ‘simple reality that surrounds us’. The sun rays bounce between the leafy trees and cast enchanting shadows on the walls of the pavilion. This project is a request for all of us to appreciate nature and take better care of our surroundings.

‘The flow of the river is a reminder of the time that passes and how the choices we make today influence the flow down the stream all the way to estuaries and the global ocean, the future,’ shares the team.rintala eggertsson architects' hiber space for concentrico evokes the effortless beauty of natureimage ©designboom | a wooden pavilion for contemplation and reflection

‘The world is interconnected, from small mountain streams high up to the depths of the sea. The Greek and the Romans called this mighty river Hibēr or Iber, giving the name for the whole Iberian peninsula and the Iberian people. This linguistic fact underlines the great symbolic importance of the river and that it should be noticed, visited, and discussed more often.’

rintala eggertsson architects' hiber space for concentrico evokes the effortless beauty of nature

made of recycled plywood

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