The team photos for the Santa Clara cross country team are art

There is nothing better than athletes who understand the value of ruining their team photo. It’s even better when everyone is in on the plan. This week Citius Mag, which chronicles news in the world of distance running, collaborated with the cross country team to drop absolute magic.

Every single one of these is a work of art. Smoldering looks, creepy eyes, mustaches that have to introduce themselves to the neighbors. The entire team knew what’s up and threw themselves headfirst into making this as awkward as humanly possible.

It’s so difficult to choose just one favorite headshot. It’s like picking between all your weird, creepy children — but I have to shout out this chap.

The half-mustache look is a bold choice, and it looks like he’s staring directly into your soul. Some serious work went into this pose as well, hence the subtle eyebrow raise on the half-stache side that turns this Two Face look up to 11. Seriously, cover each side of the photo with your hand. The right is just a normal dude, and the left is a grifter who wants to beat you in a game of three card monte in a back alley.

The real winners are all of us. The entire running team, the glorious photographers at Citius, and everyone who gets to enjoy them.

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