Thor Cover Depicts Every Marvel Version of the God of Thunder

For Thor #31, artist Russell Dauterman has illustrated a variant cover that features every Marvel version of the God of Thunder across the company’s decades-long history.

Shared by the artist on Twitter and released as part of Marvel’s February 2023 solicitations, the work prominently displays the original Jack Kirby design for Thor Odinson — created back in 1962 — front and center, with other looks of the thunder god including Unworthy Thor, Ultimate Universe Thor, Throg and the Thors that have appeared in writer Jason Aaron’s work, such as his King Thor appearance from Thor: God of Thunder and his gold-armed look seen in The Avengers. More costumes from the recent Donny Cates-helmed Thor run are visible as well, such as Thor’s Herald of Galactus attire along with his modern look buried deep on the cover.

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Dauterman’s Thor #31 cover is the latest from his series of “costume cover variants,” as the artist has labeled them. Other characters that have received the costume cover variant treatment from Dauterman include Rogue, Jean Grey, Storm, Psylocke, Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Black Widow, Emma Frost, Wolverine, Invisible Woman, Gambit and the Wasp. These variant covers accompany the issues Excalibur #18 (2021), X-Men #1 (2019), SWORD #8 (2021), Hellions #13 (2021), Avengers Forever #1 (2021), She-Hulk #4 (2022), Avengers Forever #2 (2022), Inferno #3 (2021), X Lives of Wolverine #5 (2022), Fantastic Four #47 (2022), Gambit #5 (2022) and Wasp #1 (2022), respectively.




Thor Explores New Mysteries With Valhalla and Thanos

While Thor #31 features the costume variant for Thor, it is also the beginning of a brand-new arc for the God of Thunder’s ongoing series. Beginning with Thor #29 and for the foreseeable future, writer Torunn Grønbekk replaces Cates as series writer and joins series artist Nic Klein. The arc launched by Thor #31 involves the mystery of how Valhalla, the Asgardian afterlife, has been broken into and its halls emptied. Thor will search for who is responsible with the help of Odin and Jane Foster.

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Another mystery that has been teased throughout Thor since the series’ first arc is a future in which Thanos wields an Infinity Stone-powered Mjolnir and leads an army of Marvel zombies. Thor has been experiencing visions of this dark reality ever since encountering the Black Winter, which revealed that this version of Thanos will be responsible for Thor’s death. The one-shot Thanos: Death Notes will explore the Mad Titan’s past and future, promising that “Thor desperately searches for answers” in the issue.

Along with Grønbekk writing, Klein responsible for interior and main cover art while Dauterman is behind the costumes variant, Thor #31 also features variant cover artwork contributed by Mahmud Asrar, Ken Lashley, Nick Bradshaw and Peach Momoko. The issue is set to go on sale Feb. 22, 2023 from Marvel Comics.

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