Woman creates street art commemorating demolished homes in SWFL

A local woman is creating something beautiful out of debris, bringing smiles to many.

Alea Sky started a new job just two weeks ago.

“We do demolition work and we’re taking people’s houses and putting them to the curb,” Sky said.

She said she also lost her home during Hurricane Ian, so she recognizes what many are going through. By walking away from almost everything they once called home.

“It starts to hit you really hard,” she said.

While out on a job site, picking up rubble, she had an idea. A unique way to memorialize each home being torn down.

“First one started with this huge statue of a bear,” she said. “I put a big necklace around it and a hat had him hold a cup. And put a couple shells and different fishing items around his feet.

Sky searches for items through piles of debris, and puts together street art. Everything she uses is from a demolished home.

“I’ve had everyone coming up to me, hugging me, thanking me, and they are super excited and they are not crying anymore,” Sky said. “They’re actually smiling and hugging.”

She has gotten attention from many neighbors. Many tell her how accurate each art piece represents the homeowner.

“There’s a lot of places where you could pick up a treasure and make someone smile,” she said.

She said her goal is to decorate the curb of each house her crew works at, whether it is here in Cherry Estates or another place is Southwest Florida.

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