X-Men Fan Art Captures the Hidden Beauty of Colossus’ Powers

In a stunning piece of X-Men fan art, the metal-skinned Colossus has his powers portrayed in a way every mutant fan needs to see.

New fan art of Colossus shows off the X-Men‘s hidden jewel in a way that the movies never can. This artwork fully captures the sometimes overlooked beauty of his powerful and invulnerable metal skin. It is a unique and stunning tribute to one of the greatest heroes in Marvel comics.

Piotr Nikolayevich Rasputin is a Russian mutant with the power to transform his entire body into living steel, which gives him amazing powers of strength and durability. He can withstand most attacks, but once he is injured, he’s unable to heal in his metallic form. In a sense, this makes Colossus’ powers the opposite of Wolverine’s healing factor. Recruited by Professor Xavier to be a member of his second generation team of X-Men, the mutant known as Colossus first appeared in Giant-Sized X-Men # 1, created by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum. Over his many years associated with the X-Men, Colossus has proved to be a mutant of not just strong body, but strong heart. He is a peaceful and selfless hero who strives to protect those around him, and that nobility of character comes through in this new fan art.


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Colossus is a gentle giant. Those qualities along with his imposing and impressive appearance have helped make him a fan-favorite over the years. He has appeared in multiple iterations of X-Men comic teams, cartoon shows such as X-Men (1992) and X-Men Evolutionand in movies, like Deadpool and Deadpool 2. Colossus even almost appeared in New Mutants. However, none of those depictions have captured the true beauty of Colossus’ powers the way illustrator Louie Joyce has in his post on Twitter. It is an eye-catching portrait of the shiny-skinned hero that invites fans to admire the real majesty of Piotr Rasputin and his amazing mutation.

Louie Joyce is an Australian illustrator and designer who has created more than a few striking portraits of X-Men and other comic heroes. Known for his work on books such as Haphaven and Past the Last Mountain, Joyce is an artist with a distinct and impressive style. In this most recent piece, he manages to capture not only the stoic and peaceful nature of Colossus, but with a dazzling use of colors he beautifully mimics what it might look like when light reflects off of his living steel skin. Piotr is a powerhouse who can take down even Luke Cage, but he is also an artist and he would be most impressed and flattered by this remarkable depiction.

The metal-skinned mutant is one of the most likable and popular heroes in X-Men comics, and this portrait captures both the serenity and strength of Piotr, as well as the majestic power and beauty of Colossus.

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Source: Louie Joyce

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