Bakersfield native’s book to be shown on streaming platform

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A new reindeer is bringing Christmas magic into homes across the country and soon to your television.

The reindeer’s name is Blizzard and he was created by Bakersfield’s very own Adam Reed. Blizzard is the main character of Reed’s children’s book “Reindeer in Here”

Reed graduated from Bakersfield High School and Bakersfield College and self-published the book along with a plush toy in 2017. It sold out in two hours on Black Friday.

Reed said CBS reached out to him, hoping to make “Reindeer in Here” the new Rudolph. The book was made into an animated special that premiered next week.

“I really am hoping I created the next Christmas classic… and this amazing tradition I hope gets in more kid’s hands… because it is truly magical when the reindeer becomes their best friend,” Reed said. “We had a friends and family screening last week here in Nashville and it was great, it was surreal to be in a movie theater, the most amazing thing my 7-year-old daughter comes up to me and says daddy, you did a great job tonight, I’m so proud of you.”

A year ago Reed signed a deal with Simon and Schuster relaunching the plush toy and book in a gift set available in Targets across the country.

Here at home, Reed’s parents are making sure displays look sharp.

“Mom and Dad have been going to Targets all across Bakersfield making sure the display is set up right and talking to the stock people saying oh gosh why is it not out, where are the blankets or pajamas… So the family has been awesome,” Reed said “Look I am so thrilled to be from Bakersfield. I live in Nashville now … and it has a very Bakersfield feel, obviously. And my hometown has always been so supportive.”

“Reindeer in Here” airs next week on CBS and then begins streaming on Paramount Plus on Nov. 30 for the entire holiday season.

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