Bob Lister of Portsmouth NH writes the book Adventures of Bobby and Jimmy

PORTSMOUTH — For years, Bob Lister has told his stories of growing up with his cousin Jimmy to schoolchildren in the classrooms of local elementary schools.

There’s the one where they built a raft and sailed on a pond, the one where he and Jimmy decided to pick some of his Grandpa’s prized apples to make applesauce, kind of, and the one where a cousin dared them to eat an ant sandwich.

Before he told these stories to schoolchildren, he told them to his two children, Joshua and Nathaniel, and his four grandchildren as bedtime stories. They loved hearing about the fun he had growing up in the late ’50s. Every Saturday, Lister’s family, who lived in Lawrence, Massachusetts, would visit his grandparents at their farm in Andover, Massachusetts, where the entire family, all 12 of their children, and their 30-some grandchildren would spend the day together, working and playing outdoors on the farm.

That’s when Lister would play with his cousin, Jimmy, exploring the farm, its barn, the large farmhouse and outer buildings, the surrounding woods, fields and pond. They played with Puggy, a small pug, and with Queenie, the great Dane, and a menagerie of other animals including snakes, a lizard, turtles, a beaver, a moose and those ants in the sandwich.

Cousins ​​Jimmy and Bobby Lister when they were little boys, just about the age they were in the stories "The Adventures of Bobby and Jimmy," Bob Lister's new book.

On Sunday, Nov. 13, he told those stories again, this time with his new book “The Adventures of Bobby and Jimmy” in hand at a book launch event at G. Willikers! Books & Toys shop in Portsmouth. The chapter book features charming illustrations by longtime Seacoast artist Gordon Carlisle and was published by Peter E. Randall Publisher of Portsmouth. Seacoast writer and humorist Rebecca Rule was the book’s editor.

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