Book Nook: ‘Every Cloak Rolled in Blood’ by James Lee Burke

James Lee Burke has published forty novels. Burke is now in his eighties and he’s showing no indications that he’s slowing down. He just published what has to be his most personal book and he’s already finished the next one!

I love talking to James Lee Burke. Every time he has a new book coming out I’ll contact his publicist and ask about doing another interview. We did our first interview in 1997. This one that we just did was our 21st interview! Jim had a funny take on that; he suggested that we have done so many because I’m the only interviewer who keeps inviting him back.

During our recent conversation he mentioned that his next book will be set during the Civil War. I mentioned his novel “White Doves at Morning,” also took place during that period and that it has always been one of my favorites. Well, he said that this next book dovetails, so to speak, with that previous book. I can’t wait to read it! And I hope we will be able to talk again when it comes out next year.

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