Disturbing Comic Book Moments The MCU Will Never Show You

The first team of X-Men (Jean Grey/Marvel Girl, Scott Summers/Cyclops, Hank McCoy/Beast, Warren Worthington IIIAngel, and Bobby Drake/Iceman) are in the middle of a training session when Professor X interrupts them with an update about a new mutant he has telepathically detected and how to meet this person. At the time, all of the male members had a crush on Jean, but she only had feelings for Scott and chose him to accompany her on this mission. Professor X warns them to be careful, but Jean reassures him that they’ll be fine and that he shouldn’t worry. This prompts Professor X to think to himself, “‘Don’t worry! As though I could help worrying about the one I love! But I can never tell her! … Not while I’m the leader of the X-Men , and confined to this wheelchair!”

Stan Lee previously wrote a lot of romance comics, which may explain why this odd little love triangle appears in a superhero comic. This particular issue was published in 1964, so we can’t expect Lee at the time to have today’s sensibilities, but it still doesn’t detract from the creepiness of a much older mentor having feelings for a teenage girl living and training at his school . It’s a safe bet that, when the X-Men join the MCU, Marvel Studios will confine Professor X’s interests to women closer to his own age.

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