Downingtown brothers Josh and Zach Stehle became viral TikTok stars for comic expertise

DOWNINGTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — Two brothers in Downingtown, Pennsylvania are quickly becoming viral TikTok darlings.

Zach Stehle is a superhero expert. His infinite knowledge has people all around the world trying to stump him.

His younger brother, Josh, is using this moment to increase autism awareness.

Josh is the mastermind behind the TikTok videos that show the world how smart, and how special, Zach is.

His superpower? Comic book IQ.

So far, no one in the cosmos can beat him.

“I try to catch Zach off guard,” Josh says. “I ask him questions, and he always knows the answer right away.”

Zach says he gets a kick out of the videos, and the challenges!

“I was in my room reading a very nice comic book when Josh came storming into my room and said, ‘Zach, I have a great idea. Let’s do a TikTok video.’ I said, ‘Okay.'”

Josh says they were instantly blown away by the response from the community.

The TikTok universe has now joined forces to try to stump Zach.

So far, no one can.

Clearly, Zach is a lifelong superhero super-fan.

“I started to devour comic books,” Zach says. “I even worked at a comic book store.”

Josh is currently writing a book about his big brother, called ‘I am a Superhero Expert.’

“It is about my experience growing up with an older brother with autism,” Josh says. “He’s so smart, creative, intelligent and really, really brilliant.”

Josh hopes his book, and the videos, shine a light on the autism community and the superheroes among us.

“They are so special and have such ability and so much to offer the world,” Josh says.

Josh and Zach say they read every comment on TikTok and Instagram and they invite you to send along your questions to try to stump Zach.

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