Captain Lee Calls Out Captain Sandy Over Camille

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Captain Lee Rosbach called out Captain Sandy Yawn for not informing him of Camille Lamb‘s firing, and he pointed to a lack of “procedure” and “respect.” The 73-year-old was forced to leave the boat due to health reasons earlier in the season, and Sandy agreed to step in as the temporary captain.

Soon after his Below Deck departure, Camille became a problem for many crew members, and she was accused of not pulling her weight. In the latest episode, Sandy fired Camille after Fraser Olender suggested there was no other option.

As the episode aired, Captain Lee took two Twitter to reveal his disappointment.

“So I found out after the fact that she fired one of my crew, not before. OK?” he wrote.

He clarified that he didn’t want Sandy to ask for “permission,” but he wished she’d given a “quick call,” which he believes is “good manners.”

The star then responded to user @hutton112329, who suggested he should have addressed his issues with Captain Sandy “privately” rather than on social media.

“She did it on TV in front of how many people with out consulting me,” the captain clapped back. “That doesn’t sound very private to me at all.” He later shared that a “heads up” would have been “respectful.”

Lee also revealed what hey would have done in Sandy’s shoes.

“Had I been replacing Capt Sandy on her boat temporarily and felt the necessity to fire one of her crew, I would have called her first to let her know what I was doing and why. I agree with her decision, just not how she went about it,” he said, before suggesting Sandy “lacked in procedure” and “respect.”

Despite Lee’s concerns over how he was informed, many fans were thrilled by Sandy’s decision to fire Camille, who appeared to disrespect each of her authority figures.

Below Deck season 10 is currently airing Monday nights at 8 pm EST on Bravo.

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