Did ‘The Simpsons’ predict Queen Elizabeth II’s death?

These modern-day doh-racles may be getting undue credit.

As if “The Simpsons” didn’t predict enough events, the clairvoyant comedy cartoon is now being credited with divining the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II, whose highly publicized funeral was held Monday at Westminster Abbey.

Videos depicting the Matt Groening-created series’ alleged celebrity death forecast are amassing millions of views with “Simpsons” fans wondering if they’d done it yet again.

“The Simpsons” have been credited with predicting Queen Elizabeth’s death — but did they actually?

“The Simpsons have done it again,” reads the caption to one of the clips on TikTok, which currently boasts more than 16.8 million views.

The snippet, posted Sept. 9 by @Moviesandmemes46790, depicts a scene from Episode 4 of Season 15 called “The Regina Monologues,” in which Homer crashes into the queen’s carriage and knocks it over while the Simpson family is vacationing in London. At the end of the clip, the camera zooms in on a piece of paper that reads 8.9.2022 — the actual date of Elizabeth’s death.

Homer totals the Queen's carriage in "The Simpsons" season 15, episode 4 episode "The Regina Monologues" (aired in 2003).
Homer totals the queen’s carriage in “The Regina Monologues,” the fourth episode of Season 15 of “The Simpsons,” which first aired in 2003.

While many “Simpsons” fans believed the show had done it again, other discerning viewers were quick to point out that the date had been edited in, and didn’t actually appear in the original. In fact, the queen did not die in the episode.

“That date was never in the original. Nice try,” scoffed one skeptic while another wrote, “Yeah nice edit btw. Heads up tho you missed a few frames there.”

In another clip depicting one of the alleged royal death predictions of “The Simpsons,” which boasts nearly 10 million views, a Simpsonsified Queen Elizabeth II is seen lying in a casket. Next to her is a plaque that reads “Elizabeth II: 1926- 2022.”

The image deceived many “Simpsons” die-hards across Twitter, TikTok and Reddit before an investigation by social media sleuths revealed that the video was a hoax, Newsweek reported. This scene, according to the outlet, was actually a digitally altered image of a previously tampered-with still that depicted former US President Donald Trump lying in a coffin — a visual that never actually appeared on the show. In the aforementioned TikTok clip, Trump’s yellow doppelganger had been swapped out for one of the queen.

In total, Queen Elizabeth has appeared in six episodes of “The Simpsons,” none of which depict or even mention her death, according to Politifact.

Queen Elizabeth II never actually died in any of the six "Simpsons" episodes she appeared in.
Queen Elizabeth II never actually died in any of the six “Simpsons” episodes she appeared in.

While this latest prognostication may have been a hoax, the prophetic Fox cartoon has demonstrated an eerie knack for anticipating groundbreaking events.

In a more somber example of their divination powers, “The Simpsons” was recently credited on social media with forecasting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


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