Kyle Richards’ daughter Farrah on ‘painful’ Hilton family feud

Farrah Brittany shared her thoughts on mom Kyle Richards’ ongoing feud with older half-sister Kathy Hilton.

In a new interview on the “#NoFilter with Zack Peter” podcast, the “Buying Beverly Hills” star, 34, noted that her close relationship with cousin Paris Hilton — the oldest daughter of Kathy, 63 — makes the situation particularly tough.

“It’s too painful,” Brittany said, adding that she and Paris, 41, avoid the topic when they see each other.

“We’re both very defensive of our moms — but we’re also extremely, extremely close. If we let that interrupt our dynamic, it would be just too painful, really, and too hard to untangle.”

The real estate pro — who works as an agent at The Agency underneath her stepdad, Mauricio Umanksy — said that she and Paris “let our moms do their thing” and make a concerted effort to “shut out” the discord.

Paris and Kathy Hilton
Brittany is close with cousin Paris Hilton, Kathy’s oldest daughter.

“Hopefully everything’s going to be OK soon,” Brittany said. “It’s really hard to deal with.”

Paris notably chimed in on the drama in September. The “Stars Are Blind” singer liked disparaging tweets about her aunt Richards, 53, after she and more of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast were accused of “mocking” Kathy for promoting a tequila brand.

“So unkind,” Paris tweeted when a fan said it was “sad to watch” Richards “scoff” when Kathy attempted to show Casa Del Sol — for which the socialite is an investor — during a group trip to Aspen, Colo.

Brittany told host Zack Peter that she has been tempted to publicly defend her own mother as well.

“Before I would just be like, ‘Mom, who cares what anyone says? Like whatever,’” she said. “[But] This last season of her show, I was very worked up. I wanted to respond to every person and just be like, ‘You don’t know everything, like, you just don’t know.’”

Brittany also explained that she is perturbed by the influx of hate Richards received this season from fervent Kathy supporters.

Kyle Richards, Farrah Brittany, Rick Hilton, Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton and Kathy Hilton
Brittany, pictured here as an infant with Richards and the Hilton family, hopes “everything is going to be OK soon.”

“And it does bother me that she gave so much for all those years and was so loved and beloved,” she said of her mother, who has starred in “RHOBH” since its 2010 premiere.

“But people, this audience, is so fickle; they want to see what they want to see if they like certain people, they can do wrong,” Brittany elaborated. “If they turn on you, then there’s nothing you can do right, and that part is like, where’s the loyalty?”


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