Paula Abdul’s performance at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade divided fans on social media

Being a celebrity can be good, very good, or cause headaches when you do something that not everyone likesand if it’s posted on social media it’s even worse. That happened today to former ‘American Ido’l judge Paula Abdul during the traditional Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Abdul participated in the Jennie-O Turkey Store float, and during a part of the parade, she happened to tap dance a little bitwhich provoked reactions for and against from netizenswho immediately posted their feelings about Paula’s participation.

There were 11 seconds of video that caused diverse reactions

Someone recorded a bit of Abdul’s tap dance, 11 seconds to be exactand posted it on Twitter, where there were immediate reactions for and against.

User Ryan Bloomquist posted the video with the phrase: “I’m sorry, but Paula Abdul just delivered one of the greatest parade performances of all time. Starting with a tap break on the Jennie-O float?!?!? C’mon now!”

Responses were immediate: “Budget performance,” wrote one user. “I didn’t realize there was a big head filter,” joked another.”She’s faking everything in this,” said a third.

Responding to the above were her fans, who began defending her From the out-of-nowhere attacks: “Awesome,” wrote one fan. “She was fantastic,” echoed another.

“Right, People on Twitter hating on Paula Abdul, she’s just out there living her best life,” defended another. “Quality content.”

“She makes it look easy, doesn’t she? So cool!” said one spectator.

So, one more parade that gives something to talk about in social networkswhere the eyes of users magnify everything.


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