Elvis shows in Hutchinson

Having never been a big Elvis fan, although admiring some of his music, I was expecting an entertaining but far from great movie. “Elvis,” with an incredibly strong breakout performance by previously little-known Austin Butler, debuted this past weekend with a $ 30 million box office. If it isn’t nominated for best picture this year, that will be a miscarriage of film justice.

Virtually the entire Presley family says it is an accurate biopic portrayal of the complex dynamic between Elvis and manager Col. Tom Parker, noted for taking significant financial abuse of the rock and roll king and perhaps contributing to his early death in 1977 at age 42.

Enough positives can’t be said about Australian director Baz Luhrmann’s artful weaving of this emotional story along with spectacular film editing making it difficult to turn away from the big screen. Wearing a fat suit, Tom Hanks advances a memorable Southern accent as Parker, whose eventual fate is a sharp contrast to Elvis’s musical immortality.

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