Taylor Swift fan offers $4,300 trade for concert tickets

Taylor Swift poses in the press room with the awards for artist of the year, favorite music video for “All Too Well: The Short Film,” favorite female pop artist, favorite pop album for “Red (Taylor's Version),” favorite female country artist and favorite country album for

Taylor Swift poses in the press room with the awards for artist of the year, favorite music video for “All Too Well: The Short Film,” favorite female pop artist, favorite pop album for “Red (Taylor’s Version),” favorite female country artist and favorite country album for “Red (Taylor’s Version)” at the American Music Awards on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Taylor Swift fans are getting creative and turning to a fundamental trade tactic to get tickets to the singer’s upcoming “The Eras Tour.”

Swifties are taking to social media offering to barter their services in exchange for concert tickets.

One TikTok user offered a full tattoo sleeve in exchange for tickets, and she was successful.

“Tattoo consultation next week,” she wrote in a video displaying a screenshot of a ticket to one of Swift’s shows in Atlanta.

Other users have offered free wedding photos, and one even offered free use of her wedding venue.

A $4,300 offer

Emily Cloud has been a Taylor Swift fan since 2006.

“When the ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’ music video came out, my cousin was over and she was like, ‘you gotta see this girl,'” Cloud told McClatchy News in an interview. “Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed.”

Now, the 27-year-old, who saw Swift’s “Fearless” and “Red” tours, is scrambling to get tickets to “The Eras Tour.”

After a failed attempt at getting tickets during the presale and Capital One cardholder sale, Cloud said she tried to accept that she wasn’t going to get tickets.

“I really tried to be okay with not getting tickets,” she said. “I was like, I’m gonna be fine with it. We’re gonna move on. And then I just couldn’t let it go.”

Cloud said she was scrolling TikTok while watching a movie when she passed another user offering a trade for tickets. That’s when the wedding venue co-owner had an idea.

“This is genius,” she thought.

Cloud, who co-owns Vintage Rose, a wedding venue in Nampa, Idaho, about 20 miles west of Boise, got to work making a TikTok, she said. At first, she didn’t tell anyone, but before posting the video, she showed her husband and mom, who are co-owners of the venue.

In the video, Cloud offers the venue for free in exchange for tickets, an offer worth $4,300, she said.

“I was like, this is just gonna be funny. And nothing’s gonna happen because usually my videos get like 97 views,” Cloud said.

She hit the post and went to bed.

The video, which was posted Nov. 22, shows clips of the venue set to one of Swift’s newest songs, “Mastermind.”

“POV: you’re one of the 14 million people who didn’t get Taylor Swift tickets and you can’t stop, won’t stop until you have tickets,” the caption reads.

By the time she woke up the next morning, Cloud opened her email to an offer to trade three tickets for use of the venue. Since then, Cloud said she’s received about eight offers for two tickets and three offers for three tickets.

As of Nov. 23, a day after her video was posted, Cloud’s video had more than 27,000 likes, 300 comments, and 900 shares.

Now, Cloud said she has to make a decision about which tickets she’s going to accept. Swift isn’t playing in Cloud’s home state of Idaho. The decision to see her would require travel to Seattle or Los Angeles, she said.

“I’m a very impulsive person. So like me, my gut is like, hey, take the tickets like right now make it a done deal. But I know I probably need to wait a couple of days until the video settles down,” she said.

Ticketmaster trouble

Getting tickets for Swift’s upcoming tour was a nightmare for most fans.

Presale for “The Eras Tour” began Tuesday, Nov. 15, wreaking havoc among Swift fans. Despite efforts by Ticketmaster to regulate sales, the public sale, which was scheduled for Friday, Nov. 18, was canceled.

Ticketmaster addressed the debacle in a Nov. 17 blog posts, citing record-breaking demand as the cause for website malfunctions and long wait-times that left countless fans without tickets, even if they received a presale code.

“Over 3.5 million people pre-registered for Taylor’s Verified Fan, which is the largest registration in history,” the post said. “Historically, around 40% of invited fans actually show up and buy tickets, and most purchase an average of 3 tickets.”

Given the demand, only 1.5 million fans received codes. The remaining 2 million were placed on a waiting list.

However, when the presale started, 3.5 billion people tried to buy tickets, four times the site’s previous peak, Ticketmaster said. Because of this unprecedented demand, about 15% of interactions experienced some kind of disruption, including fans who lost their tickets due to passcode verification errors.

Now, Ticketmaster’s parent company, LiveNation, is facing an investigation from the Department of Justice, the New York Times reported.

Swift responded to the fiasco, too, sharing a statement in an Instagram story on Friday.

“It’s truly amazing that 2.4 million people got tickets, but it really pisses me off that a lot of them feel like they went through several bear attacks to get them,” she said. “And to those who didn’t get tickets, all I can say is that my hope is to provide more opportunities for us to all get together and sing these songs.”

This story was originally published November 23, 2022 1:47 PM.

Moira Ritter covers real-time news for McClatchy. She is a graduate of Georgetown University where she studied government, journalism and German. Previously, she reported for CNN Business.


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