Tory Lanez Reportedly Regrets Not Testifying In Megan Thee Stallion Case

Convicted rapper/singer Tory Lanez “regrets” not testifying in the shooting trial of Megan Thee Stallion.

A trusted source has revealed two RollingStone that Lanez, 31, felt “misled” by his legal representation and was “dissuaded” from taking the stand, although he wanted to.

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Since being found guilty on Dec. 23, 2022 for assault with a semiautomatic handgun, carrying a loaded unregistered firearm in a vehicle, and discharging a firearm with gross negligence — Lanez, born Daystar Peterson, has shifted his legal representation.

He is facing up to 22 years in prison.

Lanez’s initial lawyer, George Mgdesyan, has not commented publicly on Peterson’s claims of wanting to testify. However, during trial, the R&B/Hip-Hop crooner did confirm to Judge David Herriford that he did not want to take the stand. His decision came after a stockpile of impeachment evidence was mentioned in the case that could potentially hurt him even more.

Reportedly, the evidence includes Lanez’s alleged assault of R&B singer August Alsina from September 2022, and a scene from a music video where Tory butchers off a horse leg. Many connected the dots, referencing the scene to Megan Pete bka Megan Thee Stallion.

Split Image Of Tory Lanez And David Kenner Standing Beside Suge Knight

Split Image Of Tory Lanez And David Kenner Standing Beside Suge Knight

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Tory Lanez Hires Suge Knight’s Former Lawyer David Kenner

With the objective of being freed, the Toronto-native enlisted new defense, including lawyer David Kenner and Jose Baez, who was successful in the infamous Casey Anthony case.

“I welcome the addition of Jose Baez to the defense team,” Kenner said RS. “It is our collective view that, based upon a motion for a new trial, and if necessary an appeal, we will ultimately be successful in freeing Tory Lanez.”

He added that the team will motion for a new trial that will “rely heavily on what we believe to be mistakes made in the previous trial.”

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