The Love Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign On Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The love horoscope of each zodiac sign in astrology is here for September 21, 2022. Venus in Virgo. Check out what the Moon, and stars have in store for your relationships on Wednesday, the last day of a Virgo Season.

Wednesday marks a difficult time for love in astrology.

Love can be a bit more confusing than usual. We may lack clarity and this can lead lovers to make mistakes out of fear.

Venus will be opposing Neptune, the planet that represents illusion. Venus loves to see the best in others, but there can be a moment when the blindfold slips and red flags get revealed.

For some zodiac signs, the person we think we know well becomes someone we don’t know at all.

For others, we may take unnecessary risks for love and find ourselves wondering how to regain sensitivity.

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When the Sun leaves pragmatic Virgo to enter Libra, we embrace optimism, but it’s going to be essential to tap into the promise of Libra season, which is to be balanced wherever the road for love leads.

What today’s love horoscope has in store for each zodiac sign on Tuesday, September 21, 2021:


Your love life feels slightly unsettled and there may be a reason that you cannot put your finger on right now.


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