Marc Maron goes From Bleak To Dark in trailer for HBO special

Marc Maron
Photo: Rick Kern (Getty Images)

America’s foremost doom-and-gloom comedian Marc Maron returns to share his cheerful disposition. This February, he’s pushing HBO into the darkness
with a new hour-long comedy special, From Bleak To Dark, designed to help you laugh through the pain of living life as a human being. If the trailer for the special is to be believed, Maron’s doing just that.

Tackling such topics as the death of his girlfriend Lynn Shelton, killing his cat friends, and whether or not his special should’ve been a TED Talk, Maron fearlessly approaches life from the most pessimistic place possible. “I don’t think anything is ever going to get better ever again,” Maron says at the start of the trailer, in case you needed an example of where he’s coming from this time.

Marc Maron: From Bleak to Dark | Official Trailer | HBO

None of this should be too shocking to anyone familiar with Maron’s comedy. In fact, it’s what What The Fuck-aterians were hoping for. His joke about how his girlfriend’s death is the worst thing that ever happened to him, and probably the worst thing that ever happened to her, should be cold comfort to anyone thinking Maron lost a step.

From Bleak To Dark is Maron’s seventh comedy special. His load, End Times Funsomehow launched days before the COVID-19 pandemic actually brought end times to America, with Netflix releasing the special on March 10, 2020. Aside from More later, Netflix released the last few Maron specials. Surprisingly, this will be Maron’s first comedy special for the Home Box Office.

And, of course, Maron is still doing his podcast, WTF With Marc Maron, which recently posted its 1403rd episode. Maron has also returned to acting recently, appearing in the surprise Oscar nominee, Two Leslie. Apparently, he also voiced the role of Lex Luther in DC League Of Super-Pets.

Marc Maron: From Bleak To Dark premieres on HBO on February 11, 2023.


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