Tory leadership race live: candidates questioned on tax cuts, net zero and early general election in second TV debate | Politics

Key events:

It is now time for closing statements.

Sunak says he thinks he is the best candidate to beat Labor. The stakes are high, and only he has the experience needed to deal with this. Britain’s potential is limitless. He wants to give your children and grandchildren a better future.

Mordaunt says well done if you are still watching. She wishes this had been more about you, and less about the candidates. The model for politics is broken. She has a plan to fix it, she sa she says.

Tugendhat says the country is facing problems at home and abroad. They need a clean start. They need to restore confidence. She is ready to serve, she says.

Truss says the Tories only have two years to show the public they can deliver. She has shown what she can do on Brexit, trade and Ukraine. They need to stop apologizing as Conservatives.

Badenoch says she is the candidate who will tell you the truth. She has three children. She wants the best future for them. She wants to create a strong future. The UK is a beacon. That is why so many people want to come here. She is the candidate for the future. She can make the change.

And that’s it. The debate is over.

Asked if they would favor an early general election, all five candidates say they are opposed.

Climate change

They are now talking about climate change, and the net zero target.

Badenoch says if there are things in the plan that would harm people, she would change them.

Truss says she backs the net zero target. But she would get rid of green levies.

Sunak says he supports the target. But they need to bring people with them, and not take them too far, too fast, he says

Mordaunt, Tugendhat and Badenoch all say they would not sit down with Vladimir Putin at the G20, at least in current circumstance.

Truss says it is important for the free world to face down Russia. So she would go, she implies.

Sunak says he has walked out before rather than sit down with the Russians.

Tugendhat says 10,000 troops are being made unemployed.

But he is posing his question to Mordaunt. When are you going to give people details of your plans?

Mordaunt says the polling shows she is the only one that can beat Keir Starmer.

Tugendhat says “that’s simply not true”.

And they need a narrative, Mordaunt says. Unless they have it, they will not win the next election. She is the best prepared candidate in the race?

Mordaunt puts her question to Sunak: Why won’t you raise defense spending?

Sunak says as chancellor he gave the MoD the largest uplift since the end of the cold war.

Truss asks Sunak if he favors doing more trade with China.

Sunak says he supports the government’s policy on this. They need to protect nationally infrastructure. But where values ​​are protected, of course they should trade with China.

So you will not go ahead with the economic dialogue with China?

Sunak says, where values ​​can be protected, he favors trade.

Sunak asks Truss: You have been a Liberal Democrat and a remainer. Which one do you regret the most?

Truss says she was not born into the Conservative party. She joined it because she saw kids at her state school in Leeds not given opportunities. She says she did not go to the sort of privileged school he did.

Etchingham says she is now letting each candidate ask one other a question.

Badenoch asks Sunak: Why did you not take my warnings about Covid loan fraud seriously?

Sunak says that is wrong. Dozens of people have been arrested.

Badenoch says a minister resigned over this, and he is supporting her campaign.

Sunak says they had to get money out very quickly. They looked at a version that was going to take two weeks to get money out.

Q: Why are so many Brexit supporters backing Liz Truss, who voted remain?

Mordaunt says she is attracting people from across the party.

She has not had the platform that other candidates have had.

Badenoch says it is time to move on from Brexit, and talk about the opportunities. She is the wild card candidate, she says.

Sunak says he has the support of senior Brexiters, like Liam Fox and Dominic Raab. Now it’s time to make it work. He wants to reform regulations, and expand freeports.

Truss says she is trusted on Brexit because she has delivered, on trade deals, especially with Japan and Australia. She is someone who gets things done.

Tugendhat says he agrees with Badenoch. It’s time to move on.

Sunak is asked to address the issue about his wife’s non-dom status.

He says she is from a different country. But he is really proud of what his father-in-law, who set up Infosys, achieved.

Etchingham turns to what Badenoch said about Mordaunt and the Gender Recognition Act in the Sunday Times today. Badenoch told the paper:

I’m not going to call her a liar, I think it’s very possible she genuinely did not understand what she was signing off, because it’s a very complex area.

Badenoch defends her stance her comments. Mordaunt suggests that Badenoch is wrong, and she says she would not keep getting elected in her constituency if people thought she was out of touch with what the public thinks.

Badenoch says Tugendhat has not been on the frontline in policy decisions. He has not been in government.

Tugendhat says he has been on the frontline in battle. And he has been at the forefront of policy debates, he says.

Truss says she stayed in government because resigning with a war going on in Europe would not have been responsible.

Sunak says eventually he resigned from government because enough was enough.

Mordaunt says they are all good colleagues. But what they have been doing previously has not been good enough. They have not been able to move at the pace that business and science demands.

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