Bend Police now have the ‘Bola Wrap,’ a handheld remote restraint device, to avoid the use of lethal force

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ ) — Bend Police recently joined other law enforcement agencies around the country that have added a handheld, non-lethal restraint device called the Bola Wrap to the tools at their officers’ disposal, to avoid the use of potentially deadly force.

The goal is to detain or take someone into custody who is for whatever reasons unwilling to comply with the officers’ direction.

The device shoots about a 7 1/2-foot-long tether, with weights on the end, similar to a fish hook, that’s propelled out of the device. The tether will wrap around a person’s legs to prevent them from fleeing.

All of Bend’s officers were trained on how to handle the device back in September. Bend Police have 12 of the Bola Wraps in their possession. The devices are kept in the cars of the corporals, who are supervisors on the patrol teams.

“Our department had these (Bola Wraps) put into the vehicles in December,” Bend police Communications Manager Sheila Miller said Wednesday. “We haven’t deployed one yet. It is used in agencies around the country. It’s pretty new — it kind of seems like a Batman-like device, something Batman would have on his tool belt.”

Kelsey McGee was given a demonstration of the handheld device and how it works. Her report will be on NewsChannel 21 at Five.

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