Dearborn woman convicted in scheme to steal $65 million from prescription assistance programs

A Dearborn woman worked with others to steal more than $65 million through a scheme targeting programs designed to help people pay for their prescription medicines, the Department of Justice said.

Suzan Berro, 23, was convicted of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and wire fraud Friday. She faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for each charge when she is sentenced on May 1.

According to the DOJ, Berro submitted fraudulent reimbursement claims to numerous pharmaceutical manufacturers’ co-pay assistance programs, which are used to help people afford medication.

For nearly a year, she created fake prescriptions for fake patients. The DOJ said Berro used addresses from real estate lists, made up names and birth dates, selected expensive name-brand medicines, and then paired these fake prescriptions with real doctors’ names and credentials. She even made sure the fake patients, fake pharmacies, and real doctors all had addresses near each other to make the prescriptions seem real. However, most of the pharmacies didn’t actually exist, and the medications were never ordered.

Berro and her co-conspirators submitted fraudulent claims on behalf of more than 40 pharmacies.

“This was a complicated scheme that abused dozens of programs established to help those who are legitimately unable to afford their medications,” said US Attorney Dawn Ison.


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