Google’s Find My Device app adds a new look and feel with revamped Material You design

Google has released an update for its Find My Device app that enhances the look and feel with Material You.

If you’ve been hoping to get a fresh coat of paint on Google’s Find My Device app, you’re in for a treat, as the company is delivering a big update that will revamp the look and feel of the app relying on the company’s Material You design.

From the looks of the app, we can see it has been completely revamped, giving it a much more modern look. The new design brings the app in line with Android’s recent Material Design that was introduced as Material You with Android 12, and further improved with Android 13. Along with its sleek new look, the app brings devices front and center when opened and finally adds dark fashion, which many will surely appreciate.

As far as additional tidbits, Rahman goes on to state that this update also sets up “enhanced tracking” that will be added sometime in the future. The benefit of this new tracking method is that it will allow users to track their device even when it is offline. Most importantly, the device’s last known location will be encrypted.

The current build of the Find My Device app on the Google Play Store sits at 2.4.065-3, with the build with the updated UI coming in at 2.5.001. If you’re not the type to wait for the update to hit the Play Store, you can always download it from third-party host APK Mirror.

Source: Mishaal Rahman (Twitter), Artem Russakovskii (Twitter)

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