iPhone 15 Pro Max tipped to launch with new periscope zoom lens from LG

The iPhone camera hump could soon become a thing of the past. (Source: Apple)

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is projected to launch with a new rear camera that may or may not be based on the latest, most compact, zoom technology. Now, Apple has reportedly tipped LG, the OEM responsible for this breakthrough, for components that could make such a camera module for an upcoming flagship smartphone. Then again, another party’s company has also secured a piece of this pie.

LG Innotek’s debut for its advanced, compact Optical Zoom Camera module at CES 2023 quickly spawned speculation that the new technology could lead to the end of the profusion of camera humps that now dominate modern-day smartphone design, particularly in cases of those touted as having high-powered zoom lenses.

Now, South Korean industry blog TheElec might have stoked this fire with a report that Apple has engaged the LG subsidiary to help make what might be the new, further miniaturized, periscope lenses required to make rumors of an iPhone 15 Pro Max with this feature a reality.

It has reportedly been contracted to make the actuators required to make the periscope module’s lenses move within their tiny metal enclosures, as has another well-known player in this game, Jahwa Electronics.

Jahwa – which has previously worked with Samsung to help deliver features such as 100X Space Zoom in that OEM’s former flagship smartphones – has reportedly grabbed about 30% of these new orders from Apple, with the rest going to LG Innotek.

Therefore, a 15 Pro Max with this apparently exclusive upgrade might indeed be on the way in 2023.

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