School district asks city for assistance with traffic

Farmersville City Council heard a request from Farmersville ISD to help with traffic flow on Windom Street at the Jan. 10 city council meeting.

Michael Hesse, FISD Transportation and Auxiliary Director, explained the challenges of school buses navigating around campuses such as Farmersville Intermediate School and Tatum Elementary.

The issue involves parent pick-up lines at dismissal in the afternoons.

Hesse described most drivers as courteous and said, except for a few, they would let school buses in. The current traffic flow pattern creates the need for buses to enter oncoming traffic, and according to Hesse, the nose of the bus is often in opposing traffic.

Hesse added that traffic on Sycamore Street must be stopped at times to let buses out.

Although the request by the school district was mainly to make certain portions of Windom Street one-way only during a specific time of the day, the discussion turned into more of a brainstorming session.

City Manager Ben White emphasized the importance of observing the design of traffic flow patterns around each campus to find more long-term solutions to the problem.

Mayor Bryon Wiebold asked if temporary signage would be necessary to redirect traffic. City officials explained temporary signage can be problematic and that a city ordinance must be passed by council to be enforceable.

By Cole McClendon

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