Trinity man invents device to help prevent kids from accessing drugs inside the home

For Graeme Gordon, entrepreneurship is in his blood.

His grandfather invented the Samson Neonatal Resuscitator. A product that helps clear the pathway of newborns.

“My other grandfather was a lawyer who had a pension for betting on horses. So he taught me about risk-taking. So I have a lot of inspiration behind me. You know, to come up with something that can really help people,” explained Gordon.

This go-around, Gordon invented the Stash Monkey. It’s a safe place to store prescription-type drugs to make sure they’re out of reach of kids.

It all started when he caught his young daughter almost opening a prescription bottle.

“I was really surprised at how easy it was for her. So I looked into it to look for an alternative way to store stuff in our bathroom. And I couldn’t find anything. So I decided to build something myself,” explained Gordon .

Stash Monkey is a locked box with a code to get in.

“It’s important because kids are natural-born snoopers. Okay, accidents happen in every single state; they cross all borders. It doesn’t really matter what you put in it. It’s not about what you put in it. It’s the fact that you’re practicing safe, responsible storage. And that’s really I say the blueprint for what we’re doing here is our mission is to educate parents and caregivers about safe responsible storage and then also obviously provide a best-in-class solution,” Gordon said.

A recent study shows the number of young kids who accidentally ate medical marijuana edibles jumped more than 1,000% last year.

On top of that, statistics show nine out of 10 poisonings happen inside the home, something Gordon hopes his product can prevent.

“It’s really versatile, and that was the thought behind it because today’s medications are different from what they were, you know, years ago,” Gordon explained. “So you really have to be vigilant today. You know, it’s again, it’s not about what you’re putting in; it’s about learning this behavior. Like you brush your teeth every day. Make sure that your medications are not just put out of sight, but they’re locked up.”

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