BTS ‘Kim Taehyung aka V’s’ almost’ shirtless photo has internet drooling, ARMY complains of sleepless night

Image Source: INSTAGRAM / @ _ KOOVOO_2013_

BTS ‘Kim Taehyung aka V

BTS ARMY witnessed a sleepless night after singer Kim Taehyung aka V dropped a drool-worthy ‘almost’ shirtless photo on his Instagram stories. The handsome singer enjoys massive popularity for his vocals as well as good looks. The internet was flooded with ‘thirsty’ tweets as fans were gushing over V’s toned muscles in a mirror selfie. Already big on fashion, BTS member Kim Taehyung has always made a statement with his sartorial choices. Taking to Instagram on Thursday, V showed off his looks for the day. While one featured him wearing a see-through top, the other showcased his toned body in an open shirt.

BTS ARMY was instantly weak in the knees. They complained that V has left them starry-eyed and sleepless. One user wrote, “can you notice how taehyung has that line that makes you know he does exercise every day to have some very hard and sturdy pectorals.”

India Tv - BTS 'Kim Taehyung aka V

Image Source: INSTAGRAM / THV

BTS ‘Kim Taehyung aka V

India Tv - BTS 'Kim Taehyung aka V

Image Source: INSTAGRAM / @ THV

BTS ‘Kim Taehyung aka V

Another stated, “taehyung is so handsome, literally straight out of a fairytale.”

Meanwhile, during a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, Kim Taehyung got candid about his social media ethics and dreams. When asked if he uses filters before posting a picture, the singer said, “Filters? I don’t use filters, .. And I don’t edit them, either. Because if I did, they wouldn’t be me anymore. I tend to leave the photos just as they are with an unpolished feel. “

Talking about his dreams, he added, “I hope I can come up with a whole lot of people: singer, solo singer, actor or, later on, photographer or regular old Kim Taehyung. I want to create so many different people that there’s thousands of versions of myself out there..I think that’s my ultimate dream. “

On the work front, there have been rumors that Kim Taehyung will be collaborating with K-pop lyricist Kim Eana. She said in a recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star that she is in contact with V and that Park Hyo-shin had approached her and asked if he could give ‘Taehyungie’ her phone number to discuss his songs and lyrics with her.


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