‘Catman’: Video of biker with cats is viral; Here’s what the internet says Bengaluru

A video of a man riding a bike with cats perched on it in Bengaluru is making rounds on the internet. Social media users are divided in their opinion on the stunt, with some praising the bond between the cats and the man, while some said it was dangerous. The incident is said to have occurred on Bengaluru’s Outer Ring Road (ORR).

The video, which has more than 50,000 views at the time this article was being written, was shared by several handles on Twitter. It showed one cat perched on the man’s backpack behind him, and another sitting on the fuel tank of the bike in front of the rider. A Twitter user shared the video and wrote, “Meanwhile on Outer Ring Road in Bengaluru.”

The internet dubbed the biker “catman”, while calling the cats cute. “No traffic at ORR, they said lets enjoy the ride,” one Twitter user wrote. “Wow, so cute,” another replied.

One social media user took a funny route, asking why the pillion rider – in this case, the cat – had no helmet on. “No helmet for pillion????” he asked.

Several Twitter users expressed concern for the cats’ safety, with one tweeting, “Don’t know about the safety but they’re enjoying the ride the KL man has some trained cats for sure.”

Some termed the stunt “dangerous” and “irresponsible”. “OMG, I can’t imagine taking my cat like this,” a reply read.

“And then comes a great bump, a deep deep lake like pothole and all such dreamy activity gets over,” another said.

“Hope they got home safe. Not cool at all.” and “Is this funny? Risking cats for his show off?” were some other responses.


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