Eggflation: The internet turns to memes to cope with rising egg prices

Inflation has done a number on the cost of living in Canada.

Nowadays, $20 won’t get you much at the pump and the grocery store. From gas prices to produce like lettuce, and now… eggs.

Eggs are the latest to be hit by food inflation. The cost of a carton of eggs has skyrocketed both in Canada and the US.

According to Statistics Canada’s latest report, despite the country’s inflation rate slowing to 6.3% in December, prices for certain foods continue to rise. That includes egg prices, which have increased by 16.5% compared to December 2021.

The US is experiencing a similar hike, seeing egg costs jump by 60% in December.

According to USA Today, the average price of a dozen large Grade A eggs was US$1.93 in January 2022. By December, the price rose to $4.25.

“$11.19 for 18 eggs?? I’ve decided I’m going to start laying my own eggs, and believe me if I think hard enough hopefully I’ll Pop them out!” tweeted one exasperated shopper.

Of course, the internet did its thing and coped in the healthiest way it knows how — through memes.

Apparently, owning eggs is now a symbol of wealth and success.

“After 7 years busting my a** in Hollywood, I can say I finally made it!” tweeted one person with a photo of an exorbitant amount of eggs.

Rolexes are usually a status symbol, but not many people can afford to sport an egg on their wrist.

Others thanked the Gods that cars don’t run on eggs.

Many decided to take advantage of the situation and went straight to reselling their eggs for a jacked-up price.

“$10 per egg or $100 for the whole container. Egg prices have skyrocketed, so no lowball offers. I know what I have,” tweeted one person.

“I got eggs 2 for 5$,” added another sharing a photo of eggs packaged in clear bags.

Others showed how eggs are being sold in grocery stores.

One place seems to be putting security locks on cartons like they do with electronics.

Another store is apparently selling single eggs “in case you can’t afford more.”

And how might the creators of eggs be profiting from this?

Hopefully, eggflation doesn’t last until Easter.

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