French’s Ketchup Popsicle Has Left the Internet Divided

Unexpected food items are kind of having a moment. Earlier this year, Van Leeuwen brought their Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ice cream to Walmart while a Gray Poupon mustard ice cream debuted this year as well. Now, French’s has brought their own unusual offering to the frozen food section – and the internet is not sure how it feels about the situation.

French’s recently announced the Frenchsicle, a French’s Tomato Ketchup flavored popsicle. The intriguing new offering is only available in Canada for a limited time and will be offered at pop ups in three different cities – you can read more about those here. The Frenchsicle is described as being “refreshingly savory and sweet” and being made from 100 percent Canadian tomatoes. The brand even has a recipe to make your own at home on their website.

However, while it’s an interesting idea, the internet isn’t quite sure how to feel about it. People took to social media with mixed feelings about the Frenchsicle. Some were intrigued by the idea while others thought it was proof there’s no good. It’s kind of wild so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite reactions to this divisive treat. You can check them out below and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments.




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