Internet Goes Crazy After Seeing Kendall Jenner Trying To Cut A Cucumber | KIIS FM

The internet is going crazy after seeing a clip from the latest Kardashian episode on Hulu where Kendall Jenner is cutting a cucumber.

Seeing Kendall attempt to cut a cucumber is so chaotic and the internet cannot get over it. Kendall had shown up to her mom Kris Jenner’s house and decided that she wanted a snack. Instead of having the chef make something for her, Kendall decided to cut up some cucumbers but apparently she hasn’t seen one before nor does she have any experience in cutting one. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you can check out the clip below.

Kris watches Kendall struggling to cut up the cucumber and suggests to have the chef take over but Kendall was persistent in doing it herself. Check out some of the hilarious reactions from the internet below and go to Cosmopolitan for more.


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