Internet Shares Hilarious Fact About New England Ice Cream Shops

One of the oddities of New England that people from away often notice is just how many seasonal ice cream shops exist throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and Rhode Island (sorry Connecticut). Ice cream has become a big business in the northeast as short summers and massive tourism have led to a spike in the popularity of the sweet, creamy treat. But what really separates New England ice cream shops from the rest of the country? It can be summed up in one hilarious but true tweet.

Shared on Reddit by Blue_Eyed_ME, it’s all about the sizes in New England and how they don’t really make any sense whatsoever. Don’t get us wrong, no complaints from the ice cream lovers department at all. We love that a small (1 scoop) can fill up a pasta bowl and we also love watching an unknowing tourist order a large on a sugar cone and then see them walk away like they’re balancing fine china on a broomstick. But if you are someone who shakes your head at the ice cream sizes in New England, you shouldn’t.

Facebook via Fielder’s Choice Ice Cream

Facebook via Fielder’s Choice Ice Cream

Pretty much everywhere else in the country, the sizes of your ice cream order are much, much smaller. The closest comparison may be some of the gelato shops found in Maine, that offer up a small, medium and large that would be acceptable in 45 other states. In New England, the season is short and ice cream makers want you to live and breathe off of ice cream all summer long. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Facebook via Fielder’s Choice Ice Cream

Facebook via Fielder’s Choice Ice Cream

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