Kanye West in Australia? The internet goes nuts amid boycott calls

Kanye West in Australia? The internet goes nuts amid boycott calls

Kanye West was allegedly seen in Melbourne after reports of the rapper visiting Australia to meet his new wife Bianca Censori’s family.

Several reports of ‘sightings’ of the disgraced rapper trickled recently after news of the newly-wed rapper seen to visit Down Under to meet Bianca Censori’s family, as per Daily Mail.

Some eagle-eyed people in Melbourne claimed on TikTok that they spotted the fashion mogul at a famous Lebanese bakery.

A user called Deanna on TikTok claimed the Life of Pablo hitmaker went to A1 Bakery in Brunswick earlier this week.

‘Of all places, Kanye could be in Melbourne. Not Crown, not Nobu, but A1 Bakery,’ she claimed.

However, the staff of A1 Bakery, Daniel Raji, has vehemently denied West ever visited the shop.

Mr. Raji revealed he was surprised by customers’ queries if Ye had been there.

‘I just thought it was so funny,’ he told hosts Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo. ‘I started getting calls from friends and family… I honestly must have missed something.’

‘But it wasn’t true!’ hey guild.

The rumor mill also went into overdrive when some alleged the 45-year-old also visited a Red Rooster and Aldi supermarket.

‘Kanye West is in Melbourne and was at A1 Bakery in Brunswick. I don’t know why but that took me out,’ one Melburnian tweeted.

‘Kanye at A1 Bakery in Brunswick getting manoush?’ another asked.

‘Kanye in Melbourne visiting A1 Bakery?! Why is this so funny to me,’ a third wrote.

Just saw him ordering at the drive thru of Red Rooster,’ one local joked.

‘Saw him at Aldi in the middle aisle,’ said another, while one prankster even said he was at the viral ‘Fitzroy garage party.’

However, the Anti-Defamation Commission is urging Immigration Minister Andrew Giles to ban West’s entry, calling him a ‘hatemonger who spews threats against the Jewish community.’

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