Old Video Of A Woman Performing Mind-Boggling Juggling Tricks Intrigues Internet

The video has amassed 6.3 million views on Twitter

An old video of a woman showing off her astonishing juggling trick has left the internet baffled. The video has left netizens scratching their heads in confusion.

The video which was shared by Taylor Glenn on Instagram, shows Ms Glenn juggling three glowing balls. One of the balls was initially red which later turned to blue to blend with the other two balls. The video intrigued eagle-eyed users on social media. The woman makes it difficult for the viewers to spot the red one in the 20-second clip.

Along with the video, the caption reads, “1, 2 or 3 Which one is the RED ball? Comment below which number you think it is! Apparently following the red ball last time was too easy, so this time I stepped it up a notch. Bam.”

Watch the video here:

The video was recently posted by Lance on Twitter. So far, the video has amassed 6.3 million views on Twitter. A user commented, “Definitely 1. This actually wasn’t too hard to follow.”

Another user wrote, “The answer is 1… but she doesn’t tell you if you are right so we will never know. I know I’m right, though.”

The third user wrote, “Hand-to-eye coordination immense she will be good at FIFA if she learns.”

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