T-Mobile Business Internet customers get a more secure 5G router

T-Mobile Business Internet has a new 5G router for its customers.

Earlier today, the Un-carrier revealed that they are now offering the E320 5G Cradlepoint router. Through this router, business customers can make the most out of T-Mo’s 5G network.

The router has been custom-built specifically for T-Mo Business Internet customers as it comes with enterprise-grade features, cloud-based management, and security. Through Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service, T-Mo’s managed services can be accessed. Customers can easily set up their router remotely without the need for an IT team. This also means that T-Mo is always available for support with cloud-driven configuration, monitoring, and on-demand analytics.

If you are a T-Mobile Business Internet customer, you can get in touch with your representative for pricing information or you can visit this page to know more.

Source: T-Mobile

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