This flight attendant’s sassy dig at fake Gucci bags is the funniest thing on the internet

Flight announcements, although extremely important, often fail to grab the attention of people, especially frequent flyers. In an attempt to spice up the mundane announcementsa cabin crew member has gone viral for his sassy take on safety instructions and flight information.

On Friday, the popular Twitter account NowThis (@nowthisnews) shared a video of the flight attendants’ tongue-in-cheek safety instructions.

In this video, the unidentified attendant makes jokes about everything from how to wear oxygen masks in case of an emergency to the expected time of the flight’s arrival at the destination.

Commenting on passenger behaviour, he says, “Sit back and relax or stand up and be tense. I don’t care. We are going to take you to Puerto Rico anyway.” In between his announcements, he adds, “If you don’t find anything about what I just said funny then look up the world ‘humor’ and add that to your personality.”

While talking about the right way to store one’s luggage, he makes comments about the fake Gucci bags of the travelers. He jokingly remarks that if the Gucci bags were real then people would be flying on premium airlines like Delta airlines instead of low-cost airlines such as the current one.

Commenting on this video, a Twitter user wrote, “Booking my flight to Puerto Rico & hoping I get lucky enough to watch his comedy tour live! 🙏🏽🥳”. Another person remarked, “I would book a trip to Puerto Rico specifically for a flight with him on this plane.”


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