DxOMark CEO says brands won’t send in a device if it isn’t likely to rank first

DxOMark is an independent organization that evaluates and assesses smartphones, lenses, and cameras. Many flagship smartphones receive photography, videography, and overall scores from DxOMark. Brands once cared deeply about the scores given by DxOMark, and they used to boast about their camera’s performance and quality.

In recent years, brands don’t use this metric, unless the new device ranks first on DxOMark. This is what DxOMark CEO Frederik Guichard explained during an interview with Jimian News.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (left) and Xiaomi 12S Ultra (right)

Pertaining to Xiaomi and other manufacturers not sending in devices for DxOMark to evaluate, Guichar said “It’s not that fewer manufacturer scores don’t use our test scores, but less mobile phone test scores can rank first.” Guichard claims that a device that ranks first in DxOMark scores gets a lot of promotional attention and so if the brand doesn’t believe the smartphone will rank first, it won’t send a device to be tested.

This was in response to a report from recent weeks where Xiaomi did not send in the Xiaomi 12S Ultra to DxOMark – as announced by CEO Lei Jun himself. DxOMark purchased and evaluated the Xiaomi flagship on its own. It scored 138 overall – a few points below the 143 that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra scored last year.


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