Google brings its spruced-up Wallet app to 12 new countries

Google Wallet is now live in 57 markets

Google renamed its payment solution for the nth time earlier this year, leaving us with a rebranded Google Wallet and an app that can now hold all your IDs, tickets, vaccine certificates, digital car keys, and whatnot in one place — just like your IRL wallet Google Wallet has already been available in lots if regions around the world, and it’s now making its way to another dozen markets.

Support for Wallet is going live in some prominent countries across Asia, Europe, and North America. All told, our newly added markets are: Armenia, Cyprus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Slovenia, Thailandand Vietnam.


In addition to these countries being supported by Wallet and its app for Android phones, Google points out that access also extends to Wear OS devices for mobile tap-and-pay operations. In addition to the countries listed above, Google notes that the Cayman Islands are picking up Wear OS support.

Wallet wants to be the only app you need for your boarding passes, payments, and everything in between. To make this possible, Google has partnered with a number of local services in supported countries. For instance, it supports local ticketing services in Thailand, Germany, Australia, and others, while also being able to pull your boarding passes from AirAsia, Air France, and China Air.

We’ve recently seen compatibility with Wallet extend to more and more devices — the Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 now also support the handy app.

If you’re unable to spot your country on this list, check out the dedicated support page for a full list of markets where Google Wallet currently works and find out if smartwatch payments are available in your region.

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