Honoring the life of Bay St. Louis restaurant owner Tony Trapani

Tony Trapani, the owner of Trapani’s Eatery in Bay St. Louis, died Monday. The family made the announcement on the restaurant’s Facebook page last night.

Since the announcement of Tony’s death, restaurant customers, family, and friends have poured their love on the Trapani family.

The restaurant is still operating with normal business hours, but will be closed sometime next week for funeral arrangements.

Phone calls of condolences have been ringing in Trapani’s Eatery after news of owner Tony Trapani’s death Monday night. Employee Matthew Johnson said, “People are telling us they love Trapani’s and they’re sorry for our loss. It’s been nice.”

Extended restaurant family tell News 25 Trapani was in California when he suffered a major heart attack and had been in the hospital for the last week. “Induced the coma and they tried to get him off the sedation slowly to wake him up.”

Knowing Tony for 17 years, Johnson reflects on his memories with Tony. “Put a smile on any of our faces. He was always there for us, anything he could help us with, he was there.”

Employee Cade Evans said, “He’d say ‘you are garbage Cade,’ and I said ‘you are garbage Tony.’ That’s just how he was.”

There isn’t a wall in the eatery that is not touched by Tony. “All these photographs and paintings and stuff that you see, a lot of these paintings are by Tony. He’s a very talented artist and he’s also a great fisherman.”

A community is in mourning. “Never forget Tony Trapani. He’s what I like to call Bay famous.”

“I’m gonna miss him.”

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