iPhone bursts into flames while charging

CINCINNATI, Ohio (WFLA) – An Ohio family said they’re “extremely lucky” after an iPhone burst into flames while they were sleeping last week.

Brian and Jennifer Leisgang of Cincinnati, Ohio, shared footage of the exploding phone on Facebook, pleading for people to share.

The Leisgang’s said their children were charging the old iPhone 4 with an Apple charger when it suddenly exploded and caught fire in their kitchen.

Brain said everyone in the house was asleep when the phone went up in flames.

“Please share! We are extremely lucky to avoid a house fire,” Brian wrote on Facebook. “Our kids were charging our old iPhone 4 with the Apple charger last night and it exploded and caught on fire in our kitchen while we were sleeping.”

He said the counter is usually covered in papers and school books, adding that the family had just cleaned off the area the day before, avoiding a more harmful situation.

“Luckily, we had just cleaned off the counter yesterday, as it usually has lots of school books and papers in that area.”

Brian said that after the flames settled, small pieces of the phone and black soot were sprayed out over the counter the next morning. He said he posted the video to hopefully help prevent a fire in someone else’s home.

“There were small pieces of the phone and black soot all over the counter this morning. I’ve posted the video below and hope sharing this can possibly help prevent a fire in someone else’s house,” he wrote in his post.

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