New infosec products of the week: January 20, 2023

Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past week, featuring releases from CloudSEK, Devo Technology, Immuta, Varonis, and Zyxel Networks.

CloudSEK BeVigil app protects Android users from security risks

By providing users with detailed information about the security and privacy practices of mobile apps, BeVigil can help prevent data breaches caused by security vulnerabilities in mobile apps. When users are better informed about mobile apps’ security and privacy practices, they are less likely to download and use apps with security vulnerabilities.

infosec products January 2023

Zyxel Astra prevents unauthorized endpoint access

Astra allows network administrators to monitor and control security settings on remote devices via an intuitive web portal and mobile app. The app can be installed on mobile devices to enhance endpoint security and protect the company and its employees from phishing and exploit attacks, without compromising device performance.

infosec products January 2023

Immuta Detect provides insights into risky user data access behavior

Immuta Detect consolidates data access logs so that data and security teams can continuously monitor and analyze changes in user behavior and data access entitlements by source, query, or user activity, as well as gain insight into security configuration and data classification changes.

infosec products January 2023

Devo DeepTrace helps security teams investigate alerts and suspicious events

DeepTrace helps analysts by performing investigations as they would but at machine speed and scale. Starting with an event or an alert, its AI engine asks potentially hundreds of thousands of questions to autonomously construct traces fully and chronologically detailing an attacker’s actions.

infosec products January 2023

Varonis strengthens data security with least privilege automation

Varonis introduced least privilege automation for Microsoft 365, Google Drive, and Box — a new capability that continuously removes unnecessary data risk without human intervention. Organizations can customize remediation policies to fit their security and compliance requirements, and least privilege automation continually enforces them without impacting collaboration.

infosec products January 2023

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